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Bayshore Residence & Rehabilitation Center’s comprehensive program delivers unique therapy services by caring professionals who specialize in adult and senior care. Their extensive training and commitment are key to getting patients back to their normal lives as quickly as possible.




Upon admission, every rehab resident receives an individualized rehabilitation program developed just for them by our clinical team. During treatment, therapists work toward improving independence, strength and confidence using the most current, high-tech equipment. When patients are ready to resume their lives at home, we offer comprehensive planning and resource assistance as part of their discharge.

Physical & Occupational Therapy

Physical therapy helps residents improve and restore mobility, strength, flexibility and coordination. Occupational therapy helps them restore daily self-care skills and improve upper extremity strength and function. Both disciplines help residents in their orthopedic, stroke and cardiac recovery with therapeutic exercises, muscle re-education, Activities of Daily Living (ADL) training and other therapies. For residents that are recovering from injury, we provide negative pressure wound therapy, prosthetic training, and orthotic/splinting.

Speech Therapy

For many of our residents, speech therapy helps to improve cognitive and communication skills, as well as alleviate swallowing disorders. Our services include: cognition assessment and interventions, language disorder treatment, dysphagia management, and aphasia management.

Rehab Wing

Our recently renovated rehab wing is fully equipped with the most recent, state-of-the-art equipment, laid out in a comfortable, low-impact setting. We maintain a full range of adaptive equipment as well as the newest electronic therapies including ultrasound, electrical stimulation, shortwave diathermy and pulsed lavage.

The interdisciplinary team includes: clinical manager, social worker, dietitian, rehabilitation therapist, nurse practitioner, physician and you.

Transitional Care Services: Services
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